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Being a member of the Sondar community is to be part of a community of people with opinions, representative of society.

It is part of a project with good attitude!

Transmit your personal vision, responding to national and international online surveys on brands, products, lifestyles, culture, technology, innovation, design, trends, etc.

Sondar creates value for its members in a balanced and sustainable way. Your opinions are very important to us and they really count. They are paid the minute in credits that you can convert and use as you prefer, the decision is yours! Help define the future, contribute relevant information and opinions about services, have something to say about relevant brands and products, support causes and entrepreneurial projects. Talk to us!

We work and create brands in the digital age. Brands of the future close to the consumer and attentive to society. Access global or local opinions, see emerging trends, know what consumers think and want about your brand, explore the best options for your brand, products and services. Create value and innovation based on knowledge..

It is the opportunity to give your opinion on such different topics as brands, lifestyles, sports, health, technology, innovation, trends in the global, etc .; When answering the requested questionnaires will have a paid participation and an active role in creating trends, opinions and decisions.
In an automatic and safe way you can convert (via payment) the Sondar points in to Libras into your paypal account that you can use as you wish.
Possibility of donating part or all of the income to charities & nbsp; & nbsp; Grain can with minimal effort can help those who need it the most.
By responding to surveys you can accumulate credits and & nbsp; turn them into small savings for your child without much effort. Put the coins in the piggy bank:)
By joining the Sondar Engage community, you can access insider information, opinion polls, trend studies, digital marketing, when available online
You can win prizes for being an active member Probe, in credits or goods, services, experiences drawn.
We like entrepreneurs and innovation so that we publish relevant projects in our community that you can support, with donations via paypal. Your little contribution, can make the difference. If you have a project with impact that deserves attention, send us a message.
A lap in a caroussel, a movie ticket, an ice cream, a child’s smile, a warm sock for an old man, a can of animal food, a ticket for a concert, a bottle of wine, a cake, a trip to veterinarian, a romantic dinner, a warm blanket, a hug of thanks. Use the credits positively!



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Sondar Causes

Sondar assumes itself as a project of causes, entrepreneur and optimist, that intends to interact socially and to energize positive relations. Establishing partnerships with causes, local associations, trying to promote a dynamic that allows Members...


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The Sondar Community is on Facebook. Follow us on Facebook for Trends, Branding and Branding ideas: Sondar no Facebook   We have a Facebook group to exchange good ideas and suggestions. The Group is closed...

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